What is your state most thankful for?

‘Tis the season to count your blessings!

Our list is long this Thanksgiving: family, homes, food on the table, even the 24-hour Krispy Kreme that satisfies your sweet tooth any hour of the day.

Of course, thankfulness can vary from person to person.

That’s why the team at All Home Connections, an authorized AT&T retailer, set out to determine what America is most thankful.

The team analyzed more than 72,000 tweets from 2019 to reveal some interesting insights.

After removing words like “the,” “and,” or “to,” words like “God” and “family” came ahead as front-runners.

Here’s a closer look at their findings:

  • “Love,” “happy,” “beautiful,” and “great” were among the list of top things people are thankful for.
  • The most popular phrases were “to see another,” “for another day,” and “blessed to have.”
  • 10 times as many tweets had the word “family” in them than “money.”

Next question: what is the Heartland most grateful for?

Folks in Illinois and Missouri had a lot of tweets tagged #family, #happy, and #love. They are also grateful for #weekends and time with friends.

One thing people in Kentucky, Arkansas, and Tennessee are thankful for is actually quite simple: life. “Life” was among the South’s list of words southerners repeatedly gave praise to.

Check out this map for a closer look:

There’s no denying it, we are all #blessed.