Totchos, loaded mac ‘n cheese to take over Kentucky State Fair

Get ready to sink your teeth into something delicious at the Kentucky State Fair.

Sivori Catering is unveiling new items in honor of their 65th anniversary of service at the fair.

The menu includes Totchos. Think loaded nachos, but tater tots take the place of chips.

Taste of Home magazine named Sivori’s “Totchos” as the best fair food in the state of Kentucky.

This year, Sivori is offering the Totchos with a twist.

In addition to the traditional toppings for totchos, this year’s fairgoers can try their tater tots piled with diced grilled chicken and a bourbon glaze.

Also new this year is a hearty mac n’ cheese dish, piled high with your choice of bbq pulled pork or beef brisket.

For those looking for a low carb option, you can chow down on a

Keto Chicken Bowl at the Sivori sausage stands. The Keto bowl features grilled chicken on a bed of lettuce with your choice of veggie toppings, with options like onions, peppers, tomatoes, and tzatziki sauce.

Limited edition drink koozies will be available in the Sivori Entertainment Tent. The koozies are free with the purchase of an adult beverage.

The Sivori’s service at the fair began in 1954, when Edgar Sivori opened his business with one 10×10 foot food stand and two employees.

Now operated by Edgar’s son, Larry Sivori, and Larry’s wife, Ruth Sivori, Sivori Catering has grown to be the single largest food vendor at the fair with over 100 employees.

Both Edgar and his wife, Norma Jean, have passed away since the last Kentucky State Fair, and the Sivori family plans to honor their memories at this year’s Kentucky State Fair.