Teams race against the clock pushing hospital beds at Perryville’s Mayfest

It's an annual tradition in Perryville, MO

Each town has an annual tradition, something that separates their festival from the rest.

In Perryville, it might be the bed races.

(Source: Main Street Signs)

The competition is one of the many attractions at Mayfest, a community event held each year around Mother’s Day.

The premise is fairly simple: teams of five compete by pushing a modified hospital bed – complete with a “patient” –  in a timed race down a street.

Wildly creative costumes are all part of the fun.

In Perryville, though, they add a unique twist. Teams must push their bed through a series of additional obstacles.

As if steering a bed wasn’t hard enough, each racer must also complete one station.

The team to cross the finish line first wins.

Heartland Weekend caught up with one competitor who has claimed victory multiple years. Aladdin Garris and his students at the Perryville Career and Technology Center help create the bed for the competition. He attempts to explain bed races are all about.

Main Street Signs is the sponsor of this year’s competition.

Don’t miss the bed races during Mayfest on Saturday, May 11.

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