Let’s do-si-do! Here’s a little square dancing 101 for beginners.

It's a Puxico Homecoming Tradition

Square dancing is part of a 73-year tradition in Stoddard County.

We’re talking about the Puxico Homecoming.

Each year, as the sun sets, you’ll find a crowd of people square dancing. It’s an annual tradition.

Heartland Weekend got a lesson with long-time square dancer Brad Faries. He says there are two steps you need to know before getting on the floor.

1.) The Jig: it’s a shuffle, kick, stomp dance move. Faries says it’s similar to skipping, “you skip a step, stomp, skip a step, stomp.”

2.) Allemande Left: the two facing dancers take left hands or forearms, turn halfway around to the left, let go, and step forward.

The best part? Faries says you don’t really have to have rhythm. The music will guide you!

Something else that’s a tried and true tradition at the Puxico Homecoming would be goat burgers!

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