Paint, sip, socialize: A twist on a night out

Paint and sip parties are taking over the Heartland.

Paint. Sip. Socialize. Repeat.

Everyone is an artist at paint parties that are taking over restaurants, wineries and studios across the Heartland.

The social nights have grown in popularity, even bringing together new artists with people looking to create their own masterpiece.

Beth Zeilenga, artistThat is the case for Beth Zeilenga. She picked up a paint brush for the first time about three years ago.

Little did she know, it would turn into more than just a hobby.

“I was just kind of in a place of life where I needed something different and I just needed to grow as an individual, some personal development,” Beth said. “I’ve never painted in my life. I’ve never sketched, I’ve never took a class. And just felt led to pick up a canvas and paint. Started with acrylic and just created something and it was just so therapeutic and it has just evolved.”

In her paint parties, she is now able to share her skills with others looking to channel their inner artist.

paint and sip“You’re going to learn about oil painting, and how to use a pallet knife and a paint brush, and all of the intricacies of that but you also have the social component where you might sip a mimosa or sip a glass of wine and just socialize. It is such a relaxed setting. You deepen your friendships.”

Beth is now hosting parties at her studio, and will even travel to individual homes to put on these “painting with a twist” classes.

At her studio, you’ll pay $40 for the class. It includes complimentary refreshments, all of the supplies and you will leave with your own oil painting.

Zeilenga paint and sip classIf someone else hosts the party, the class costs $35.

You can contact Beth about her parties at 573-579-9405.

She isn’t the only artist hosting paint and sip classes in the Heartland.

Several different artists are inviting anyone to create art over cocktails at Bella Italia in Cape Girardeau. Here is a closer look.

You can also raise your glass at Bandanas in Carbondale, where artists will take over the restaurant and teach you how to paint. Search here for a party near you.

Even some wineries in the area are getting in on the trend. There is a splash and dash paint party scheduled in February at StarView Vineyards in Cobden, Illinois. Click here for details.

All you have to do is grab your friends and enjoy a night out!