Bases loaded with new food at Busch Stadium

New menu items for 2019

Hot dogs and baseball go hand-in-hand. And of course, at Busch Stadium eating nachos or a pretzel is a must.

But the St. Louis Cardinals know the key to a grand slam is food.

"Baseball food does go hand-in-hand but you're in baseball heaven so you have a different level of fan you got a different level team, you got to have a different level of food," executive sous chef Norman Taylor said.

For 2019, they've loaded the bases with three new unique concession items.

Here's what you'll want to try:

The Mega Slice

It’s a simple pizza. Your options are cheese or pepperoni.

But what makes it special: each hand-crafted slice is 16-inches long, and is topped with a sauce made in house.

Country Bob's Signature Nachos

We’re talking bbq pulled pork, queso cheese and all of your favorite fixins.

The St. Louis Cardinals teamed up with Country Bobs to create what will likely be this year’s hottest menu item.

The pulled pork is coated in the special BBQ sauce, and the nachos are topped with Country Bob’s seasoning salt.

Twisted Topped Pretzels

Imagine a 9-inch pretzel braid with mozzarella cheese and your choice of pepperoni, bacon or buffalo chicken.

Your mouth has to be watering by now.

Each twisted topped pretzel comes with two dipping sauces.

It’s big enough to share with a friend, but if you’re Chef Norman you’ll keep it all to yourself.

If these don't fit your fancy, Chef Norman says no need to worry.

"Believe in me, if you want it, it's here at Busch Stadium," Norman said.

Gluten-free, vegan, peanut allergy? Most menu options can also be customized to meet your needs.

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