Makanda named best place to escape to in Illinois

Between work, chores, errands, and everything else you have to do, the hustle of everyday life can wear you down.

That’s why Heartland Weekend suggests you take a real break and travel to somewhere peaceful — a place where you can soak up nature’s wonders.

The place: Makanda, Illinois.

Expedia named it as the best place to escape to in Illinois.

(Source: IDNR)

Beautiful, scenic, quiet, and unlike any other town in Southern Illinois, Makanda is known as the gateway to Giant City State Park.

We’re talking 4,000 acres of breathtaking natural beauty and unlimited opportunities for outdoor recreation.

You might consider zip lining at Shawnee Bluffs Canopy Tour, where you can literally soar among the treetops.

Then wind down with a glass of vino along the Shawnee Hills Wine Trail. Sip at one of 11 award-winning wineries along a scenic highway.

CLICK HERE for a guide to stops along the wine trail.

Pick up a piece of art while you shop along the Makanda Boardwalk.

For the ultimate getaway, book a private cabin to really revel in serene solitude.

But before you go: know this town is rather famous.

The rare 2017 solar eclipse reached its greatest point of duration here.

(Source: Grant Dade/KFVS)

The town went totally dark for more than 2 minutes in the middle of the day.

Trust us, this town is totally worth the visit.