Lunch during Lent: where to get a fish (or other seafood) sandwich

Cooking fish? Avoid these common mistakes!

Are you looking for somewhere to lunch during Lent?

Lent season has begun and for many people, that means no meat on Fridays.

So, we’ve compiled a list of great places to grab a fish sandwich (or seafood tacos) right here in the Heartland.

What to grab for lunch during Lent


  1. Breaded fish square sandwich or catfish on a hoagie at East Perry Pub in Altenburg
  2. Catfish Po’Boy at Broussard’s Cajun Cuisine in Cape Girardeau
  3. Albacore Melt Panini at Fresh Healthy Cafe in Cape Girardeau
  4. Fish N’ Chips at Katy O’Ferrell’s in Cape Girardeau
  5. Tuna Salad at My Daddy’s Cheesecake in Cape Girardeau
  6. Gulf Coast Tacos at The Original Lemonade House Grille in Cape Girardeau
  7. Catfish Sandwich at Pilot House in Cape Girardeau
  8. Po’Boy with fried shrimp at catfish at Port Cape in Cape Girardeau
  9. Breaded fish filet sandwich at Sandy’s Place Restaurant at Cape Girardeau Regional Airport
  10. Catfish or shrimp Po’Boy at The Glenn in Charleston
  11. Fish sandwich at Taster’s in East Prairie
  12. Catfish Po’Boy at Hickory House in Jackson
  13. Fish or Shrimp plate at Stooge’s in Jackson
  14. Catfish Po’Boy at TJ’s Burgers, Wings, and Pizza in Jackson
  15. Catfish Po’Boy at Tractors Classic American Grill in Jackson
  16. Catfish sandwich at Jer’s in Marble Hill
  17. Shrimp & fish tacos or the blackened salmon sandwich at Mary Jane Burgers & Brews in Perryville
  18. Fish square sandwich at Park-Et Restaurant in Perryville
  19. Catfish or shrimp po’boy at The Fishin’ Pig in Poplar Bluff
  20. Gulf Coast Tacos at The Original Lemonade House Grille in Poplar Bluff
  21. Salmon panini at The Wine Rack in Poplar Bluff

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  1. Tuna salad sandwich at Arnies Sandwich in Carbondale
  2. Yellowfin tuna sandwich at Dale’s Burger Shack in Carbondale
  3. Sorry Charlie (tuna sandwich) at Harbaugh’s Cafe in Carbondale
  4. Crab cakes or the seasonal fish special at Keepers Quarters in Carbondale
  5. Spicy cajun filet or catfish filet sandwich at Mary Lou’s Grill in Carbondale
  6. Shimp banh mi at Underground Public House in Carbondale
  7. Catfish or cod sandwich or the Alaskan salmon burger at Backwater Pub and Grub in DuQuoin
  8. Shrimp tacos or the catfish plate at St. Nicholas Brewing Company in DuQuoin
  9. Catfish or blue gill sandwich at Chuck’s BBQ in Herrin
  10. Fish Sandwich at 17th Street Bar and Grill in Marion & Murphysboro
  11. Fish filet sandwich at Jeremiah’s Kitchen in Marion
  12. Fish sandwich at Razmo’s in Marion
  13. Catfish sandwich at Huckleberry’s Pub in Mounds
  14. Tuna, catfish, or bluegill sandwich at Cindy B’s Cafe in Murphysboro
  15. Catfish filet sandwich at Midland Inn in Murphysboro


  1. Catfish filet sandwich at Hutchens BBQ in Benton
  2. Fish sandwich at Majestic Pizza and Steakhouse in Benton
  3. Fish sandwich at Bob’s Drive-In in Paducah
  4. Pretty much anything on the menu at GulfCoast Connection in Paducah
  5. Sea Breeze tacos, Tijuana Tacos, or Poseidon’s Adventure (Blackened Mahi Mahi sandwich) at Flamingo Row Restaurant in Paducah
  6. Fish and Chips at Kitchen’s Cafe in Paducah
  7. Catfish sandwich at Parker’s Drive-In in Paducah
  8. Shrimp, catfish, or oyster Po’Boy, cod sandwich, fish, shrimp, or blackened catfish tacos, crabcake sandwich or an oyster burger at Strickland’s Seafood in Paducah