The secret to keeping succulents alive and beautiful

Let Mother Nature do the work

Are you saying “aloe” to a new succulent garden?

Chances are good you’re probably wondering how to keep it looking sharp.


Good news: Heartland Weekend caught up with Stacey Roth, of Glass Gardens by Stacey, to find out how to not only keep these plants alive, but beautiful.

What are they?

Before you can really take care of a succulent, you need to know that it’s not like your typical flower or shrub.

These are desert plants.

According to Stacey, that means:

 “Succulents are any plant that lives in an aired environment that likes to store its water in its leaves, its stem, any of its fleshy organs that can hold water.”

5 foolproof steps to caring for your succulents

Stacey’s SECRET to keeping succulents healthy and looking colorful is to use rainwater. She catches water in a rain barrel and uses that to feed her succulents. The stuff that comes out of your faucet really can’t compare to the goodness of Mother Nature.

Next, find out where your plants originated from and mimic the environment they were grown in. For example, the ones with more color like a lot of sunlight. Others like hawarthias and aloe are perfect for low lit areas

Are you keeping them outside? Make sure you place your succulents where they get enough sun but don’t burn.

Inside plants should be placed near a sunny window.

Water inside plants every two weeks with a squirt bottle. Succulents that live outside shouldn’t need anything but rainwater. If we go through a stretch where we don’t get a rain shower for more than two weeks, then water them.

Meet Stacey

You can say Stacey has always had a green thumb. She grew up gardening.

About six years ago, Stacey bought a few succulents from a farmer’s market, and she fell in love with them.

“I really do think they are a work of art.”

Since then, she has set out to share her love for the desert plants with others.

She now sells her creations, plants and more at farmer’s markets in Jackson and Cape Girardeau, Missouri.

CLICK HERE to follow her journey.