Jump around: the world’s largest bounce house is coming to St. Louis

Hop to it! The world's largest bounce house will be in St. Louis this fall!

The world’s largest bounce house?

That just sounds like fun!

world's largest bounce house The Big Bounce America is more than just a bounce house.

There will also be a 900+ foot long obstacle course called The Giant and a space-themed ‘wonderland.’

The giant inflatable that is the main attraction is modeled to look like a castle.

It includes a basketball court, a giant slide, and a ball pit.

Further, there will also be a DJ playing music for you to jump to!

Where can I go to see the world’s largest bounce house?

The touring attraction will be set up in St. Louis October 4-6, 2019.

At last check, the exact location in St. Louis hasn’t been announced, so you can’t get tickets just yet.

CLICK HERE for updates on tickets.

From our research on other locations, there will be a couple of different ticket options.

Prices start at around $16.

You can get a 3-house pass that gets you a timed session on the bounce house plus unlimited access to The Giant and airSPACE.

There are also specific tickets for a toddler session that is for kids 3 and younger. That ticket includes access for a parent or caregiver.

Further, adults can have fun too!

The adults-only sessions are for those aged 16 and up– no little kids allowed.

What can I expect?

 airSpace is a 25-foot-tall space-themed attraction.

It includes a five-person race slide.

There is also a 50-foot wide space for younger bouncers.

It also features friendly aliens, spaceships, giant planets, and moon craters.

The Giant is ready for all you ninja warrior wannabes.

We’re told there is a new obstacle around every corner!

You can compete with your family or friends to see who can handle it!

There are 50 obstacles to overcome, so come prepared to battle!