House in Chaffee, MO gets spooky for Halloween

A family in Chaffee, Missouri takes decorating to a new level with their Halloween display. The Schafer's have been putting in this kind of effort for a decade and they say their neighbors love it!

Halloween is less than three weeks away and people all around the Heartland are starting to decorate, but one family takes decorating to a spooky level.

It’s an awesome set up they have down in Chaffee, Missouri. There are lights, spiders and flying ghosts!

This isn’t the first time the Chris and Brandy Schafer have gone all in for a holiday. In fact, they’ve been doing this for decades.

They say they keep doing this each year because the response they get from the community.

“This is our Halloween, it’s a saloon this year. We got our skeleton hanging out in the bathtub. We got our tombstone that is all hand made, he makes all the tombstones our of Styrofoam board,” Chris said.

To say the Schafer’s like Halloween may be an understatement.

They even have a few rules when it comes to decorations!

“No inflatables are allowed in our yard… no no… everything is handmade… sweat and hard work,”Brandy said.

“Well she wanted something simple… but it didn’t end up simple, it ended up pretty big, ” Chris added

“And I didn’t even mean for it to be this big… you know but he’s a go big or go home type of person,” Brandy laughed

They go all out. It took them about a week to put the saloon together and they left no detail behind.

” Yes we’re the only one’s here in Chaffee that go all out,” Brandy explained.

“Purple light on the two playing cards… and then there’s a red one on the guy in the rocking chair.” The Schafer’s plan out almost every inch of the display.

Ten years and counting, they keep going because people around here love what they do.

“We get a lot of people from out of town that come and take pictures and stuff… so we do it because the community love it and we like to make the kids happy,” Brandy said

And they will keep them up obviously through Halloween but the day after that, the decorations are coming down. Don’t worry, the house won’t be bare, that’s when the Schafer’s start planning for their Christmas Decorations.