Historical rock climbing destination opening in southern IL

rock climbing

Adventure awaits at Giant City State Park!

In fact, come May 11 the park will be Illinois’ most historical rock climbing destination.

The Friends of Giant City State Park and the Illinois Climbers Association have spent the last two years to retro-bolt these historic climbs and re-open the park to climbers.

Located just outside the quaint town of Makanda, Giant City is the original home of progressive climbing in Illinois.

Unique for its highly featured sandstone formations, the park offers a different feel to other Illinois areas.

The iron-rich content of the sandstone bluffs has weathered perfectly, creating thousands of holds, making almost every inch of rock climbable, and the possibilities endless.

Thanks to this, Giant City boasts a rich climbing history and in 1975 had the hardest route in the world.

Overall, the park offers nearly 60 classic routes and over 40 great boulder problems, perfect for all skill levels!

WORD TO THE WISE: Climbers should bring their own gear, climbing equipment will not be provided.