Bargains to stretch from Jackson to Bloomsdale along Highway 61

Searching for a bargain? Look no further.

Calling all pickers, rummagers, and anyone looking for a bargain!

Starting on Labor Day Weekend, the annual Highway 61 yard sale will kick off in southeast Missouri.

It’s a spin-off the popular 100-mile yard sale over Memorial Day weekend.

The official south start/stop point of the High 61 Yard Sale is High Street, just south of the Court House in Jackson.61 mile yard sale

For miles, shoppers can find numerous yard sales set up along the highway and into many of the towns as far north as Bloomsdale.

Selling will officially get started on Thursday, Aug. 29. Most vendors will be ready to take your money by late morning.

However, the times any spot opens and closes is up to the seller. The most common start time is 7 a.m.

Find a bargain until the sale wraps up on Saturday, Aug. 31.

Organizers say you’ll find everything from custom choppers to custom-built outhouses, antiques to traditional yard sale items, and everything in between.

The goal of the yard sale is to bring traffic to businesses along Highway 61.

It also serves as a way to let local people turn items they would like to get rid of into cash.

Tips of the trade

Organizers suggest starting in the Jackson/Fruitland area and working your way north. The north end of the route keeps expanding further every year.

You can expect a big crowd, which means a lot of traffic along Highway 61.

That’s why the Missouri Department of Transportation is saying the greatest savings of the event could be a life.

“It’s a fun weekend that people look forward to each year,” says Traffic Engineer Craig Compas, “but we want people to remember that there’s more traffic and more congestion along Route 61 this weekend than any other and drivers need to keep that in mind.”

MoDOT will do its part to bring the safety message to the forefront. Message boards will be in place along the route to alert drivers of the unusual traffic patterns and promote safe driving.

“We really want drivers to be alert—to be aware of their surroundings, to be aware of sudden stops and to look for pedestrian traffic,” Compas says. “It’s a big event locally, and we want everyone to enjoy themselves and be as safe as possible.”

Some sellers are posting their yard sale locations on the event’s Facebook page.