How to Hunt Spirits of the Dead

Afraid of ghosts? This is NOT for you.

Our friends at Queen City Weekend got a hands-on lesson on how to hunt spirits of the dead. Located in an old Masonic Temple, the Haunted Asheville tour takes those brave enough on a trek through the dark and creepy corners of the old structure.

“Ghost hunting is a lot like fishing. There’s no guarantee somethings going to happen. We might be sitting here for hours.” — Tadd McGivitt, Occult Researcher for Haunted Asheville

Tadd McGivitt, a real-life ghostbuster, says you’ll need a couple of things if you want to start connecting with those on the other side:

  • An EMF Meter. EMF stands for electromagnetic field. Those who investigate the paranormal reportedly notice a spike in the electromagnetic field just before something weird happens. While the EMF Meter doesn’t actually detect the ghost, it’s more like an early warning sign that the ghost is about to do something, according to McGivitt.
  • A laser grid. These high powered lasers emit a grid of green dots useful for detecting shadows or general visual disturbances during an investigation.

Where should I go to hunt a ghost?

If you’re looking in a building, you might want to head to the highest point in the building.

“In a physics sense, frequently, the very top story is where all the electromagnetic energy goes,” said McGivitt. “Which is why I think more often than not, top stories and attics end up being where all the creepy stuff happens.”

Using these tips, you might want to go ghost hunting in Cape Girardeau or New Madrid, Missouri.

And, it is important that you know it is perfectly okay if you are scared. McGravitt admits that ghost hunting is not for everyone.

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