Chow down on these crazy Man vs. Food challenges in the Heartland

Your mission is simple: eat it all!

Do you love food? Can you consume your meal like a vacuum picks up crumbs? Are you a bit crazy?

Well then, we might have just the battle for you.

Heartland Weekend set out in search of Man vs. Food challenges and, boy, we are full just thinking about them.

The big question: can your immense appetite lead you to victory?

Man Vs. Fish: Fiddler's Fish House

This is not your typical food order for one. Fiddler’s Fish House in Dexter, Mo. is looking for competitors that are more like sharks than men. The challenge:

  • You have one hour to scarf down 20 fish fillets, a bowl of slaw, a basket of fries, 8 hush puppies, and a bowl of baked beans.

Most competitors need the full hour to finish this mound of food. In 2012, though, Randy Santel, a professional bodybuilder and proclaimed pro-food contest eater, won this competition by eating all of that in 23-minutes.

Winners get a t-shirt, bragging rights, and the cost of the meal ($45) waived.

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Man Vs. Mimmo's 20-incher

Mimmo’s Italian Restaurant is looking for challengers with an appetite for pizza, and lots of it. The McLeansboro, Ill. restaurant hosts a 20-inch challenge. The stipulations are simple:

  • You have one hour to eat a 20-inch three-topping pizza.

If you win, you receive a free t-shirt, $1 off every future 20-inch pizza purchase, and a spot in the “size matters” club.

The cost to enter the challenge is also waived if you succeed.

Will you take the challenge? Visit Mimmo’s Italian Restaurant for more details.

chicken wings

Man vs. Wings Etc. Jumbo Hot Wings

Feeling brave? Wings Etc., located in Cape Girardeau and Jackson, has a challenge for you. They call it The Wall of Flame Challenge. Your mission:

  • Eat 16 “wall-sauced” jumbo hot wings with no beverage or other food. No time limit.

Curious what wall-sauced means? It’s the hottest wing sauce at Wings Etc. made with habanero peppers.

If you can make it through all 16 wings you will be immortalized on the “Wall of Flame.”

Get more information at a Wings Etc. location.

Man vs. TJ's 11-pound, 27-inch megabeast pizza

Can you tame a beast? TJ’s Burgers, Wings and Pizza in Fruitland, Missouri wants to know. The southeast Missouri watering hole is looking for Megabeast challengers to eat a massive pizza. The stipulations:

  • Two competitors have 45 minutes to finish a 27-inch, 11-pound Carnivore or Works pizza. Each competitor must also drink every drop of their own pitcher of beer or soda.

Winners will receive their meal for free plus to victory t-shirts, and beast bragging rights.

As of Jan. 31, 2019, the megabeast remains undefeated. Past competitors say come hungry.

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