Experiencing the Wolf Creek Habitat

When you go in with the wolves, it's something you'll never forget.

It’s probably safe to say, there’s nothing else like this in the Tri-State. Hidden far back in the woods of Brookville,Wolf Creek Habitat has been rescuing and caring for wolves for more than 20 years all at the helm of of owner Kathy Baudendistel. It’s the only place around where you can go see more than 40 wolves in enclosures, or even go in to meet them yourself.

After hearing so many great things we had to go see it for ourselves and Kathy was kind enough to give us a tour and talk about what they do. The wolves are friendly, loving, territorial and beautiful. We lost a couple jackets and old shirts, but we gained an experience we’ll probably never forget.


The owners of Wolf Creek Habitat don’t make any money off of this. They do it for the love of wolves. Going there and watching from the deck is free, however they accept donations to go in and interact with them.

If you’d like to go for yourself, PLEASE don’t just show up unannounced. It’s a family run operation the relies on volunteers, so you calling ahead to make sure a time works is very important. Having said that, we couldn’t recommend it enough.

To learn more about the Wolf Creek Habitat, click here. 

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