Escape off the beaten path to the Tiemann Shut-Ins

No problem social distancing here!

If you are looking for a way to escape without having to travel very far, you might consider a trek to Madison County, Mo.

A few miles outside of Fredericktown, you’ll find Millstream Gardens Conservation Area.

The 916-acre tract of land is a bit off the beaten path, but absolutely gorgeous.

A 1-mile, fairly accessible trail leads to the spectacular Tiemann Shut-ins.

The St. Francis River Flows between a twisted maze of rocks.

The rocks are fun to climb on or swim between.

It’s also a great fishing hole.

Fisherman enjoy the shut-ins to reel in smallmouth bass.

Millstream Gardens is also home to the annual whitewater races. So you might consider bringing a kayak.

Around the conservation area, there’s also a shooting range, plenty of places to bird watch, and it’s even open to some hunting.

During their respective seasons, you can hunt for turkey, deer, dove, quail, rabbit or squirrel.

Keep your eyes open for signs of wildlife.

You might spot some lizards or even a snake.

Even better: it’s very easy to remain socially distant here.

Millstream Gardens is a perfect destination for a staycation trip.

CLICK HERE to learn more about the conservation area.

To get to Millstream Gardens from Fredericktown, take Highway 72 west eight miles to the area. The park located off Private Road 9534.