Sip on a chocolate margarita

If you are feeling adventurous try a chocolate margarita

Do you enjoy sipping on an ice cold margarita?

Are you a chocolate fan?

If you said yes to both questions, then we at Heartland Weekend have a drink for you.

It’s a spin on El Sol’s Perfect Margarita.


They combine chocolate sauce with their traditional recipe for a drink that tastes like a chocolate covered pineapple.

And you can make it at home. Just follow this recipe.

El Sol Chocolate Margarita

chocolate margarita


1 Lime
1 Orange
1 tablespoon chocolate sauce
Shot and a half of Tequila
Half a shot of Triple Sec
Half a shot of Grand Marnier
2 shots of Sweet and Sour Mix


Grind a few slices of the lime and orange in the bottom of your shaker.
Combine the liqueur with the sweet and sour mix and the chocolate sauce.
Add in a hearty scoop of ice.
Shake it real good.
Pour and enjoy!

How To Shake Up The Perfect Margarita