Famous Bloody Mary and ghost stories combine at this watering hole

Sip on this!

Sip on this: Carbondale is home to a watering hole famous for its Bloody Mary.

This Heartland Weekend we’re taking you to The Cellar.

the cellar bloody mary

Truly, it’s your average looking bar.

But locals know down the steps into a literal basement, hence the name The Cellar, you’ll find a hidden gem.

“There’s no secret ingredient, it’s just the right combination,” explains owner Paul Stokes.

Stokes said the recipe came with the building when he bought the bar many moons ago.

Today, he and his bar manager are the only two who make them.

Trust us, you won’t get the recipe from him.

Stokes even jokes saying his wife probably didn’t know the recipe until about 10 years after they bought The Cellar.

“There are so many people that they’ll come in, maybe getting on the train and just drink one so fast just to say they made it in here and bolt out of here it’s crazy,” Stokes said.

You might want a drink or two after you hear this, though.

There have been several reports of paranormal activity at The Cellar.

“It’s an old building let’s put it that way,” Stokes said.

The door to the ladies restroom is reportedly known to lock on its own accord.

While he did not totally deny that the door has locked with no one inside, Stokes said that is probably just from bad locks.

However, he did admit the building can be creepy.

“Every once in a while I’ll hear something and turn and look, like when the door opened this morning, and no body came in.”

Haunted or not, Stokes said if you like a good Bloody Mary, you need to try one of these.

He did offer a few tips to make your own drink. Stokes says they key is to use quality ingredients and keep it simple.

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