Carnival corn dog: steps to making one at home

It comes down to 3 important steps

Did you know that the first Saturday of March Madness has been designated as National Corndog Day?

Well, neither did we until we looked it up.

But how can you duplicate that carny treat at home?

Over the summer, Heartland Weekend traveled to Jackson Homecomers to get the answer.

There we found a couple, Sandy and Dwayne, who have been selling carnival food across the Heartland for the last 29 years.

They took us inside their operation to give Heartland Weekend 3 tips to making a perfect corn dog.

  1. Make them in small batches. Just mix up the batter as you need it.
  2. The hot dog needs to be dry before you dip it in the batter.
  3. You’ll want a deep fryer with oil heated up to 400° do cook your corndog just right.

Now, you’ve got the steps to cooking it just right.

We went in search of an easy batter recipe and found one here.

You can enjoy your corn dog by itself, dipped in mustard, brushed with ketchup, or all of the above.

It’s your corn dog after all.


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