Don’t bring it! Guide to safety measures at Busch Stadium

Don't bring it! The Cardinals updated its prohibited items list.

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But before you head to Busch Stadium this season, make sure you aren’t bringing anything that is now on the restricted list.

The Cardinals updated what is prohibited at the ballpark for the 2018 season.

  • Fans can now bring in outside cups as long as they are empty.
    • that includes cups, mugs and plastic bottles
  • Alcohol, bottles, cans, thermoses, hard-sided coolers, and mugs are not permitted.
  • Backpacks will not be accepted. Joe Abernathy, vice president of stadium operations, says it takes inspection crews more time to go through backpacks that have multiple pockets.
    • Duffel bags, tote bags, cinch bags and purses are good to go.
  • Keep your snacks cool, because you can now bring ice packs inside Busch Stadium

Safety and efficiency are top priorities for the Cardinals.

The key, Joe Abernathy says, is to create an environment people want to come back and visit.

Security Measures:

Gates open one and a half hours prior to Monday through Thursday games and two hours before Friday and Saturday games.

Abernathy says no matter where you are coming from, get to the game early.

This year, the Cardinals will continue using walk-though magnetometers at all of the gates and stadium entrances.

When you enter the stadium, you will have to remove your cell phone, camera and other large metal objects before passing through the detectors.

If you bring a bag, that will also need to be inspected.

That process means you will likely have to stand in line before a game.

TIP: Fans who park on the north or east sides of Busch Stadium are encouraged to enter at Gates 1 or 6. These gates typically have shorter entry lines.

Smoking is a no no:

Busch Stadium is a smoke-free and tobacco-free facility.

That includes your “smokeless” cigarette.

If you need to light up during the game, find Gate 1. You can light up in a NEW covered area. This gives you free access in and out without having to go back through security.

New re-entry process:

Exit stamps will now be available for guests who need to leave the stadium but plan to return.

Get your stamp at Gate 1 or Gate 4.

Guests with the stamps may re-enter the stadium at any open gate by showing their ticket and going through security again.