Cape Girardeau road considered Missouri’s “most haunted”

You may hear screams on this historic road.

bloomfield roadListen closely: you might hear screams the next time you are driving on Bloomfield Road in Cape Girardeau on a dark and stormy night.

The record shows “Mad Lucy” lived with her family along the very old highway.

Dr. Frank Nickell, a local historian, says that’s just one of the stories.

Bloomfield Road has always been considered one of the most haunted roads in Missouri.

Lucy was reportedly in a buggy headed down Bloomfield Road when it crashed, severely injuring her.

Legend has it that she then suffered a mental breakdown.

If you’re very quiet when you drive down the road, some say you can hear her calling for help.

Where on Bloomfield Road?

If you want to try to hear Lucy for yourself, you’ll want to drive on the portion near the intersection with Benton Hill Road.

She’s reportedly most active on stormy nights.