Bank on a slice of home-style cooking at The Pie Safe

Rich tradition and good eats combine inside the original 1910 Bank of Pocahontas.

Over the hill, and around a bend or two in rural Cape Girardeau County, you might stumble across a town they call Pocahontas.

While some might drive on through, we at Heartland Weekend suggest you pull into The Pie Safe Cafe and Bakery.

Here Sharon Penrod is cooking up down home comfort food in the 1910 Bank of Pocahontas.

Yes, the windows, the woodwork, the front door are all original. Even the vault is still intact.

In fact, Sharon’s husband’s grandparents¬† actually borrowed $35 from this bank and paid it off 2 years later.

While you can no longer take out a loan here, you can bank on a delicious slice of pie.

Heartland Weekend’s Nichole Cartmell says the coconut creme pie is to die for!

Sharon started cooking pies as a farmer’s wife. She mastered what she calls a basic dough recipe, and started selling them at local farmer’s markets.

In June of 2012, Sharon and her husband Monte opened The Pie Safe and never looked back.

This is their way of keeping the rich Lutheran and Presbyterian culture alive in the area.

Sharon is quick to say she loves pie and the area’s rich history. But her real passion is creating a place where folks can gather and escape the hustle and bustle with good conversation.

So it’s “safe” to say you’ll leave her with more than a full stomach.

A warning though, you won’t find a menu here. Sharon is the menu! She knows what ingredients she has and keeps it as fresh as possible.

Stop in for a bowl of chicken and dumplings, and a slice of pie. We promise, it’s worth the drive.

It’s open 6 a.m. to 2 p.m. Wednesday through Saturday. Don’t hesitate to call first, the phone number is 573-833-6743.