3 tips to transform your fan cave

Don't miss a single minute of action

The NCAA tournament is around the corner.

That means a lot of basketball!

If you're hosting the ultimate watch party, you may be considering how you can transform your living room into the ultimate fan cave.

For Heartland Weekend, Nichole Cartmell went to Best Buy for a few tips.

A high-quality 4K Television is worth the money.

When you’re watching the games, you need great picture quality, something that looks crisp, is full of color and detail.

With 4-times the number of pixels than a standard high definition unit, a 4K TV delivers just that.

“The game won’t actually be broadcast in 4K,” Brian Popp said, the assistant store manager at Best Buy in Cape Girardeau. “The TV’s themselves make everything look better.”

Feel like you're at the game with a sound bar.

These days, televisions are getting thinner and thinner. That means the speakers inside of them are getting smaller and smaller.

The solution: buy a soundbar.

Popp says a soundbar has several speakers, some have a separate subwoofer, and a few have rear speakers to create a full surround-sound system.

Most sound bars are long and are relatively thin speaker systems.

You can mount them on the wall or place them on a shelf above or below the TV.

Use high-speed cables.

Popp recommends that you use a high dynamic range HDMI cable.

“It allows all the colors that are supposed to be there to transmit the way they are supposed to look,” Popp said.

Of course, you want to be able to use your fan cave for years to come.

Popp's best advice:

"Get what you want don't settle. Everything in here is good and will work right when you take it home. But if you're looking for longevity, spend a little extra money and get something good. You what you pay for."