Passing the halfway mark to Muddy River Marathon 2024

CAPE GIRARDEAU, Mo. (KFVS) - Race day in Cape Girardeau is now less than six months away, and the co-directors of the Muddy River Marathon appeared on Heartland Afternoon November 14 to talk all about it.

New in 2024, the race is now scheduled for the first weekend in May. That puts it in the same weekend and location as Old Town Cape’s first flea market of the season.

“We’ve been trying to build the post-race experience,” said Bryan Kelpe, marathon co-director. “We want to see people coming into town, enjoying the race, seeing the community, but also we want them to stick around afterward.”

The marathon also serves as a fundraiser for charity. Race co-director Brandon Hahs said they raised about $28,000 last year, and hope to bring in even more this year.

“One of our favorite things to do is to be able to give back to charities,” Hahs said. He added they’ve chosen the charities this year’s race will impact, and those groups will be named in the coming weeks on social media and on the event website.

In 2023, hundreds signed up to participate in the Muddy River Marathon. Hahs and Kelpe said many runners participate every year the race is offered, but you don’t have to be a veteran marathoner to join.

“For some, it’s gonna be their bucket list, for some they’re going for Boston qualifier, for some it’s their first marathon,” said Kelpe.

“It’s the stories also that come with the marathon. There really isn’t a way to lose that day. If you run faster, you win. If you win, you win. If you finish and you’ve never done it, you win,” Hahs said. “There’s so much positivity on race day.”

Kelpe’s said the event is also about overcoming challenges. His own team, named “Triumph,” sets racers up in a group to help them get over the finish line.

To sign up for Muddy River Marathon 2024 and learn more about the day’s events, including the Muddy River Dog Walk, click here.