Vendors, visitors preparing for annual Cape Girardeau Riverfront Flea Market

CAPE GIRARDEAU, Mo. (KFVS) - The Riverfront Flea Market is returning to Cape Girardeau this weekend.

On Saturday, May 13, the fourth annual Riverfront Flea Market will start at 8 a.m.

Police reminded visitors to the downtown area on Friday night to move their cars before 5 a.m. Saturday for the market.

John Rogers, an organizer of the event, said he’s excited to have more than 80 vendors show up.

Two antique lovers and shoppers, Ryan Pontillas and Annie Sklar, said they are excited to find new antiques to put in their home

“We just bought a new house, so we’re trying to fill it with fun little artifacts from all over,” said Pontillas.

Sklar said that he love for antiquing comes from wanting to know the story behind what they find.

“I’d rather have something with character, you know something that has a story behind it and even if you don’t know what that story is, you already know it had a life before it came to you,” said Sklar.

The owner of Back Porch Antiques, Beverly Kasten said that she has enjoyed antiques since she was a child.

“As a child, I would go to an antique store looking for antique piano music and, you know, that’s not typical, but that’s what I did,” said Kasten.

Then into adulthood, Kasten would get married to someone like her, another antique collector.

“We would accumulate things that we necessarily didn’t want to keep, so we decided to dabble in an antique store,” said Kasten.

To find more information about this event, you can go to the Cape Girardeau Riverfront Flea Market Facebook Page.

Jeffrey Bullard

Jeffrey Bullard

Jeffrey Bullard joined the Heartland News Team in June 2022.