Unique quilts exhibit on display at Altenburg museum

ALTENBURG, Mo. (KFVS) - One Heartland museum is displaying some unique quilts as part of a presentation that you can enjoy looking at.

The Lutheran Heritage Center and Museum in Altenburg is featuring 25 handmade quilts for people to come by and view.

These quilts date back to the mid-1800′s with each of them having a story behind them.

We talked with Lutheran Heritage Center and Museum Director Carla Grebing who said these quilts are part of the Poos collection which is owned by Kay and Lori Triplett.

“To be able to offer this caliber of art to the community, this is something that is shown only a few times throughout the country. So, we’re very excited to have it,” Grebing said.

Grebing said these quilts are masterpieces that have been very well preserved over time.

“These quilts are all from the 1800′s,” Grebing said. “So, they are preserved, they are not reproductions. They are actual quilts from the 1800′s. So, this is a very unique collection. These quilts have hung across the world. So, to have them here in southeast Missouri in the Lutheran Heritage Center in Altenburg is quite a joy for us.”

The quilts each have a storyboard with them.

“There’s various aspects of the travel,” Grebing said. “You’ll see that a turkey was important to the settlers as they were settling in the prairie. You’ll see that a presidential wreath, the president was important at the time. But one of the sweetest stories is that we have a child’s sized quilt and many times those child size quilts didn’t survive because they were handed down from child to child and they were pretty much used up. Or, they were wrapped if a child unfortunately passed away. Many times parents wrapped their child in the quilt and buried them that way to keep the wolves from digging them up.”

The exhibit is called “Pieces of the Prairie” and will be on display until July 25.

“They’ll be on exhibit here in the south gallery,” Grebing said. “We’re open 7 days a week from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.”

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