Annabelle Festival to kick off this weekend, thousands expected

ANNA, Ill. (KFVS) - The Annabelle Festival is coming to the City of Anna this weekend. Organizers anticipate thousands of people to come out for the big event.

There will be plenty of vendors, games, food, music and more which will fill the streets of Davie and Lafayette there in town.

Lots of planning went into this event which should be a fun and memorable time for all who come.

We talked with a Union County Chamber of Commerce Board Member who says this event has brought a lot of businesses and organizations together.

“The merchants have been working with the Chamber of Commerce, the local wineries, the local businesses,” Tasha Faire said. “We’ve got everybody and their brother connected, and it just, coming out of COVID, it just has been a great way to have kind of a town revival.”

The festival is named after the Annabelle hydrangea, a flower that was found in the Anna area in the early 1910′s.

A family found the flower while riding out in the woods, brought it into town and gave it to residents who planted it in their yards.

In 1960, Bon Hartline had the flower registered as a flower from the area.

For more information about the Annabelle festival and for a list of events, you can go to the Union County Chamber of Commerce website here.

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