Winterize your home with Dec. Home Improvement

CAPE GIRARDEAU, Mo. (KFVS) - Menards announced on Sunday, December 5, ways for you to winterize your home with December 2021 Home Improvement.

According to Menards completing a couple of steps will save you time and money during the winter months to get your house prepared.


Keeping leaks sealed out of your home is the key to saving heat and money on energy bills.

  • Install a storm door to give an extra layer of protection for your front door
  • Disconnect hoses and other water ways so there are no access points to allow freezing
  • Apply weather stripping to doors and windows to stop wind and pests from entering
  • Close vents and other entry points connecting indoors to outdoors


Having a plan and a place to store everything is a important way to not miss a step.

  • Bring in all outdoor plants that could be effected by the cold weather ahead
  • Prevent animals and other critters from nesting in grills, patio furniture, storage and other areas that can protect them from the elements
  • Cover your furnace to prevent snow buildup and other moisture and pests that can find their way in
  • Install snow guards to help with the snow load
  • Purchasing a snow rake will also be beneficial to keep a lower pressure on the roof system


  • Replace your current furnace filter to make sure it is running smoothly and efficiently
  • Check your exterior for cracks, mold, and other regular maintenance inspections to prevent further damage
  • Inspect your fireplace and vents for insects, animals, and other potentially invasive objects that can enter your home

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