Survey says: these are the least popular items at the Thanksgiving dinner table

Survey says: these are the least popular items at the Thanksgiving dinner table

Thanksgiving is a day to count your blessings and indulge in a major feast.

We at Heartland Weekend will be the first to say we are grateful for a long list of items.

That said, Instacart is pointing out that Thanksgiving comes with a cornucopia of conflicted feelings. We don’t disagree.

In fact, the most charged topic during Thanksgiving might not be religion or politics, but what actually goes on the dinner table.

Instacart surveyed more than 2,000 U.S. adults in an online poll by the Harris Poll to find out the answer to this question: do Americans actually enjoy the classic meal or do we just fill our plates to honor tradition?

Here’s what they found: 68 percent of Americans secretly dislike a classic Thanksgiving food but eat it anyway because of tradition.

The top offenders are:

  • Canned cranberry sauce (29%)
  • Green bean casserole (24%)
  • Sweet potatoes / sweet potato casserole (22%)
  • Pumpkin pie (21%)
  • Turkey (19%)

Let’s talk about that canned cranberry sauce.

Is it a Thanksgiving delicacy or is it disgusting.

According to this poll, nearly half of Americans (46 percent) say canned cranberry sauce is “disgusting.”

Though, a closer look at people’s shopping habits shows Instacart customers bought 50 percent more canned cranberry sauce than fresh cranberries last Thanksgiving.

Furthermore, 31 percent of Americans serve their canned cranberry sauce in the shape of the tin can (as opposed to mashing it up) on Thanksgiving.

Instacart points out, these statistics beg the question, are people low-key trolling canned cranberry sauce?

Next question: what is the main dish?

Of those who have hosted, 30 percent have served something other than turkey as the main dish.

Instacart’s sales show that after turkey, pork is the second most ordered protein ahead of Thanksgiving.

Though, we don’t think green bean casserole will ever totally lose its place at the dinner table.

Cream of mushroom soup purchases were up 59 percent and fried onions up 85 percent in the three weeks leading up to Thanksgiving last year, according to Instacart purchase data.

However, fresh green bean purchases outweighed canned green beans by 30 percent.

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Nichole Cartmell

Nichole Cartmell

Nichole Cartmell is the reporter and producer for Heartland Weekend.