Childhood treat Double Pops Popsicles make a comeback

Childhood treat Double Pops Popsicles make a comeback

For those who say social media doesn’t work, they need to check out what’s coming back to the freezer case. Popsicle is bringing back the Double Pops.

The joyous announcement came on National Ice Cream Day (July 21). And it’s all thanks to a Popstar. Justin Bieber mentioned in a tweet in May that the double stick popsicles needed to come back. After some playful back and forth on Twitter and the promise of a small batch of Double Pops, Popsicle threw out the challenge: if there were 100,000 retweets, the treat would come back for everyone. Sure enough, the magic number was surpassed.

The flavor of the returning Double Pop is up to you! Vote on their Twitter page until July 25. Your choices include Orange, Cherry, Grape, and Banana.

There’s no word on the release of the Double Pops, but we’ll be checking the freezer section at the grocery store!

Would you enjoy the whole thing by yourself or would you split it and share it with a friend?

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