This Is THE No. 1 Lemonade Tip

Is there anything better than a cold glass of lemonade on a hot summer day? Heartland Weekend says nope!

But how do you take your drink game to the next level?

Lemonade House Grille has the answer.

The Poplar Bluff hot spot features at least 20 lemonades every day and sells about 1,600 glasses a week.

Between pours, assistant manager Korey Witter sat down to give us the key to a perfect glass.

The keys to a perfect lemonade

It starts out pretty simple: water, sugar, and lemons.

Witter says the number one thing to remember is fresh lemons.

He wouldn’t give out the exact ratio but stressed that fresh lemons are really what makes a glass of lemonade perfect.

We did our own research and tried a few recipes and determined that a ratio of 1:1:1 was a good starting point.

So, one cup of sugar, one cup of water and one cup of freshly squeezed lemon juice.

If you don’t like your lemonade super sweet, you can start by backing down on the amount of sugar.

Another tip: make a ‘simple syrup’ with the sugar and water and then combine with the lemon juice.

Then, add ice and dilute it from there.

We also learned that ‘late season’ lemons are less sour than those you might get in the early season.

Now you’re asking, “When is the lemon season?”

Technically, the lemon season is year round!

But, the most popular lemon variety, Meyer, is in peak season from November and runs through March.

Nichole Cartmell

Nichole Cartmell

Nichole Cartmell is the reporter and producer for Heartland Weekend.