Make your REAL Christmas tree last until New Year’s

Yes, you can actually keep your real Christmas tree up from Thanksgiving until New Year’s day… without it dying.


Heartland Weekend traveled to a few places to find out how.

Real Tree Care

  • Fresh cut at the base: Real trees need to be able to take up water. Before taking one home, make sure about 1-inch of the stump is removed with a clean, straight cut.
  • Keep the tree in water: Your fresh cut tree needs to be put into water within 3 hours after getting it home. The tree stand bowl should hold enough water to fully cover the base of the tree. Typically you need about 1 gallon.
  • Never never let the water go below the base of the tree. Sap will build up, preventing it from absorbing the water. Check to make sure your tree has enough water daily.
  • Keep your tree away from a heat source. Heat from a furnace duct, fireplace or direct sunlight will cause the tree to prematurely dry out.
  • Use miniature lights. Miniature lights reduce the amount of heat on a real tree, allowing it to maintain its freshness.

Fresh Christmas trees typically go on sale after Thanksgiving in the Heartland.

Here is a guide to tree trimming secrets:


Nichole Cartmell

Nichole Cartmell

Nichole Cartmell is the reporter and producer for Heartland Weekend.