100-mile yard sale to go on at “discretion of the individual”

Searching for a bargain? You'll find it along Hwy. 25

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The COVID-19 pandemic will not stop a Heartland summer tradition.

The Dexter Chamber of Commerce confirms the 100-mile yard sale will return over Memorial Day Weekend.

Area chambers of commerce say participants, both sellers and buyers, can take part at their own discretion. However, the chambers will not promote the event this year.

The Dexter Chamber of Commerce said there is no way to legally stop people from selling or buying at the yard sales.

People from as far as Connecticut have been calling to make sure the event is still on.

The 100-mile yard sale has been going on for more than 30 years and draws in thousands of people.

The annual yard sale typically kicks off the summer season.

The Dexter Chamber of Commerce said the date has never been moved.

Sellers and buyers are urged to use extreme caution this year to avoid spreading the coronavirus.

The Dexter Chamber of Commerce says they encourage people to socially distance, wear masks and gloves, and use good hygiene.

To help make your trip smooth, here’s your guide to all things 100-mile yard sale.

How to stay safe:

The Cape Girardeau Health Department is urging people to continue taking safety measures while they are searching for a bargain.

Here are a few guidelines:

When and where:

If you’re a seasoned 100-mile yard sale picker, you know you can typically start shopping for goods as early as Wednesday, May 100 mile yard sale20.

Most sellers will have their tents up and running by early Thursday morning and will continue to sell through Memorial Day.

The yard sales will stretch from Jackson to Kennett along Highway 25.

What’s the best route:

Out-of-towners often lodge in Dexter because it’s centrally located along the trail.

If you’re only in town for a single day, you may want to start in Dexter and then head north to see all the sales.

Pickers that have dedicated the entire weekend to yard sale madness are encouraged to venture off the beaten path into some of the various towns, as many people will have additional tents set up.

No matter what route you take, you’re should use caution as you drive along Highway 25.

The Missouri Department of Transporation says with hundreds of people out searching for a bargain, there will be a lot more traffic and congestion in the area.

Chances are good you will also see more pedestrians on the road, and a lot of stop-and-go traffic as drivers pull over for various sales.

“It’s a fun weekend that people look forward to each year,” says Traffic Engineer Craig Compas, “but we want people to remember that there’s more traffic and more congestion along Route 25 this weekend than any other and drivers need to keep that in mind.”

MoDOT says anyone driving along Highway 25 should stay alert. There will be message boards in place letting drivers know about unusual traffic patterns.

You will also see a lot of extra traffic between the city of Jackson and Route AB in Cape Girardeau County due to the Diverging Diamond Interchange construction.

“While we want everyone to enjoy themselves, we ask that people also be as safe as possible,” Compas said.

What should I bring:

Experts say you should bring cash. Most of the folks hosting a yard sale will not accept personal checks or credit.

Otherwise, you should travel light. A bag or two might help you collect your findings, but you’ll want a trunk free for goods.