Unique things to throw on the grill

When someone suggests firing up the grill, you probably think of hamburgers, hotdogs, and brats. We suggest trying something new! Here's a list of things you'll want to throw over the fire soon.

Bacon wrapped stuffed shrimp

This easy to make bacon wrapped stuffed shrimp recipe is full of flavor and ready in minutes. You might want to double the recipe if you have lots of seafood lovers around the table!

Beer can chicken

Honey-Bourbon Beer Can Chicken is the perfect way to prepare chicken on the grill. The secret is the beer that’s placed in the cavity of the bird. It makes it really juicy inside. Tip: you can use any glaze you like on this tasty bird.

Grill Master Wings

They’re as tasty as they sound: wings on the bbq! And, they really aren’t hard to perfect. You can eat them with or without sauce.


Knuckle Sammich

This unique take on a steak sandwich is truly tasty. You can take this recipe and custom tailor it to your taste buds.

Cajun style frog legs

Step outside your comfort zone and give these Cajun frog legs a try!

Grilled fruit

Oh yea! You can grill peaches, avocados, and strawberries! Try them, you’ll like them!

Bourbon-Bacon Pork Tenderloin

Yes, this bourbon-bacon pork tenderloin is as indulgent as it sounds. It’s worth it.

Armadillo Eggs

Jalapenos stuffed with homemade pimiento cheese, wrapped with Italian ground sausage. Yep, that’s an armadillo egg! They make a great appetizer.

Pimento Cheese-Stuffed Burgers

This recipe for pimento cheese-stuffed burgers will take your cookout up a notch! Make sure you have plenty of napkins on hand.

buffalo chicken kabobs on the grill

Buffalo Chicken Kabobs

If you love chicken wings, but don’t love the calories they pack, you need to try this buffalo chicken kabob recipe! Bonus: light blue cheese dressing recipe included!

Pigskin Candy

Yes, you can do this completely in the oven, but throwing it on the grill gives this pigskin candy a little something extra.

No matter if you choose to use a gas grill, a smoker, or charcoal grill, these recipes are sure to spice up your next bar-b-que. Let Heartland Weekend know if you try any of them!