Turn your favorite bottle of wine into a fancy cocktail

Combine wine with a few extras to create a mixed drink with a twist

Wine cocktails are just the thing to bring a little fun into your life.

The folks at Apple Creek Vineyard and Winery introduced us to them and they’re very easy to mix up!

Turns out you can totally combine wine with a few extra ingredients to create a mixed drink with a twist.

“With the right ingredients you can pretty much mix them with anything,” winemaker Shellie Gamel said.

The key ingredient: a dry wine.

In their cocktails, Apple Creek likes to use red and white wines like a crisp Seyval, or an aged Norton.

They sweeten the drink with flavorful mixtures like simple syrup, or even soda.

Shellie showed us how to make two of their new wine cocktails and even gave us the recipes.

The Something Blue

A wine cocktail using Seyval and Hpnotiq with bursts of exotic fruits.


2 ounces Hpnotiq Liqueur
2 ounces Seyval or dry white wine
1 ounce ginger ale
1 scoop of ice

Steps to make it:

Build the ingredients in a tall shaker glass.
Shake with until cool.
Pour into a cocktail glass.

The Dougie

A wine cocktail that combines Norton and Bulleit Bourbon, guaranteed to make you want to dance.


4 ounces Norton or dry red wine
2 ounces Bulleit Bourbon
1 ounce lemon simple syrup

 Steps to make it:

Build the ingredients in a tall shaker glass.
Stir to combine.
Pour over a small glass of ice.

Looking to try even more? Apple Creek Vineyard is serving up 6 rotating wine cocktails each season.

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