Summer salad as sweet as a peach

It's just peachy!

This Heartland Weekend we’re feeling peachy!

Heartland Weekend traveled to Rendleman Orchards for a peach inspired dish.

Typically, you associate peaches with sweet treats like cobbler or crisps.

But Vice President Michelle Sirles shared the recipe for a savory summer salad, perfect for your next get together.

“This time of year we are in a hurry, we may have 30 minutes for lunch so to be able to have something like that in the fridge or sitting on the counter that you can slice up real quick and make a meal out of, that’s a win,” Sirles said.

The key to this salad is local, fresh produce.

Sirles loves this side-dish because it combines items that are readily available this time of year.



1 cup peaches, pealed and diced
2 homegrown tomatoes, wedged
1 cup corn, fresh off the cobb
1/4 tsp. pepper and salt
2 oz. feta cheese crumbles
1/4 cup honey vinaigrette


1/2 cup oil
1/3 cup balsamic vinegar
2 TBSP honey
2 tsp onion
1/4 tsp pepper and salt


Whisk together ingredients for the dressing and let it marinate in the fridge for at least an hour.
Combine diced peaches, tomatoes and sweet corn in a bowl.
Sprinkle with salt.
Drizzle with honey vinaigrette, toss to coat.
Place salad on a plate.
Top with feta and black pepper.

Sirles says she gets a lot of her peach inspired recipes by experimenting with various flavors.

When your produce begins looking a bit ripe, that’s the perfect opportunity to whip together something new.

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