Southern Illinois is melting over Rolled Ice Cream

Mr Koolz Frozen Yogurt and More is serving up this extra cool treat

Heartland Weekend has the latest scoop! It’s ice cream IN ROLLS!

rolled ice cream

The craze actually took off in Thailand. Now, the extra cool treat is rolling into the Heartland at Mr Koolz Frozen Yogurt and More in Marion.

Brent Gentry says he took a trip to New York where he first witnessed the magic.

He was convinced southern Illinois and the Heartland would melt over rolled ice cream.

And he was right! He was the first to bring the craze to the Heartland, and people have been lining up for it ever since.

But early efforts were far from perfect.

“It was pretty difficult to learn,” Brent’s daughter Hannah said.

The timing, temperature and texture must be perfect, or it’ll be a mess.

They’ve got it down to a science now, though, with a homemade ice cream batter.

The rolls though, are just the beginning of the show.

Hannah shows Heartland Weekend how it starts with elaborate chopping, mixing and blending. Then spreading it all out like plaster, and at exactly the right moment, rolling it up.