Skaters wheel into Cape Girardeau concrete park

Skater after skater are wheeling into Cape Girardeau’s newest park.

The Cape Noon Optimist Wheel Park is a hot spot in the summer and after school for wheelies, ollies, board slides and more.

“I’ve been here in the afternoons when there are 20 to 30 kids out here and it’s not just kids but we’ve got 30 to 40-year-olds,” Brock Davis said, the Parks Division Manager. “There was a guy here the other day and he’s 52 and he’s skating with the other kids.”

City leaders say the park is a long time coming.

“That’s our goal of Parks and Recreation is to have at least something, some little something for everybody,” Davis said.

The attraction draws in people from all over the Heartland.

“I’ve met a lot of people from Carbondale, St. Louis, just people everywhere come down here just to skate,” Derek Floid said, who skates at the park regularly. “It’s awesome because this park is awesome. I’m glad Cape opened this up because there were a lot of skaters that didn’t skate any more until this park came in so it’s brought a lot of people back.”

Skaters like Malchiah Cutrell would spend every day at the park if he could.

“Those ramps over there once you go down them, something like surges through your body,” Cutrell explained. “It’s a mixture of excitement and fear. It’s like, it’s a great feeling.”

The park features 4- foot and 6- foot skate decks, a skating pool bowl, grinding pipes and steps, and a turn wall.

“You just come out here to have fun. This is the fun zone.”