Rose Theatre listed as one of Missouri’s most haunted sites

Could it be the ghost of Bloody Mary?

You can start your weekend with a ghost story.

Heartland Weekend’s Nichole Cartmell takes us inside the Rose Theatre on the Campus of Southeast Missouri State University.

It first opened in the 1960s, and housed the Department of Theatre and Dance up until The River Campus was built.

Today, it sits nearly vacant, minus maybe a ghost or two, and a few students here and there.

Generations of performing arts students seem to have unsettling stories about the space, many of which surround a ghost they call Bloody Mary.

As the story goes, Mary was the woman married to a fur trader who lived on the land before the theatre was built.

She was apparently part of a fatal lovers’ quarrel, but whether she was murdered or committed suicide depends on who is telling the story.

Either way, students believe evidence of Bloody Mary can be found by seat number D28. Under the seat, there’s a mysterious red spot that no one can seem to buff out.

Some believe this could be her blood.

Years have passed with no clear answers about who Mary is or why her spirit is trapped in the auditorium.

Ghost or not, Christy Mershon, the assistant director of Extended and Continuing Education admits the theatre is certainly creepy.

She’s had her share of “paranormal experiences” inside, especially when she’s giving tours.

In fact, footage from several investigators show an orb following her up the stairs of the the theatre.

There’s also the phantom music. Mershon says you can occasionally hear ragtime piano music playing in the background when no one is inside.

So what could cause it all?

“A lot of people who investigate paranormal occurrences believe it has something to do with the energy around theatres and the sort of life flow that they always have that it then becomes a space where it’s easier for spirits to communicate.” -Christy Mershon

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