Roller Derby 101: Three things you probably didn’t know

Roller derby is on the move in Cape Girardeau.

Roller derby is on the move in Cape Girardeau.

The Cape Girardeau Roller Derby team is skating through its ninth season.

For Heartland Weekend, we went to practice to find out three things you probably don’t know about the sport.

Here is a closer look at what it looks like to be a jammer, the player who scores the points.

Cape Girardeau Roller Derby starts competition in March.

These are an open-gender bout, meaning you’ll see folks from all walks of life battling it out on the flat track.

They compete with teams up to six hours away.

Home games are played at the A.C. Brase Arena Building in Cape Girardeau.

The doors open at 6 and the first whistle blows at 7.

2019 Home Schedule

  • March 30 vs. Clarksville Roller Derby
  • May 18 vs. Rolla Rockets Roller Derby
  • June 15 vs. Confluence Crush Roller Derby
  • August 3 vs. Southern Illinois Roller Girls

Follow them online here.

EVEN BETTER: You can even be a part of the team>>

Cape Girardeau Roller Derby Wants You