UNDER INVESTIGATION: Paranormal activity reported at Rodgers Theatre

Mid-West Paranormal takes us inside

There’s no denying it: Poplar Bluff is full of history.

Paranormal investigators say that is one of the main ingredients for a haunting.

Mid-West Paranormal took Heartland Weekend inside the Rodgers Theatre.

Located on Broadway Street, the space once was home to a boarding house and then a library.

In 1949, the Rodgers Theatre was built. It became a place where entertainment lived.

But what lives there now?

Jack Altman, one of the investigators for Mid-West Paranormal, says he’s had a personal experience inside the Rodgers Theatre.

He takes us back to that moment:

“As we were going around the rotunda, the gentleman that was assisting us said the spirits are starting to get active now. I sat in the back row of the theatre, both of my k2 meters started lighting up really really hard, and he just happened to be video taping and with his phone over my shoulder and he captured orbs coming out of my feet.”

He called it an adrenaline rush.

“You see it and you almost want to learn more,” Altman said. “I’m so eager to find out what’s going on, I try to debunk all of these.”

Altman explains that his job is to investigate, not necessarily to find paranormal activity, but to discover the truth.

Each time they go into a new place they try to be as unbiased as possible.

Sometimes things can be justified, like at the Rodgers Theatre where a bunch of wiring could be to blame for strange activity.

Other things go unexplained.

“I can honestly say I think there’s something going on I just don’t know what it is yet,” Kevin Davis said.