BABY WATCH: Sneak a peek of the rhino calf at St. Louis Zoo

Moyo is on the move! (Source: St. Louis Zoo)

Got baby animal fever? Then you should plan a trip to the St. Louis Zoo.

That’s where you’ll find 7-week old, 254-pound Moyo.

He’s a black rhino, born at the zoo on May 17.

As of July 5, Moyo will be offered daily access to the public viewing habitat called River’s Edge, and to the behind-the-scenes area, during zoo hours.

That means, if Moyo is feeling up to it, you will have a chance to sneak a peek of the growing boy.

On July 10, Moyo made decided it was the day he would first venture into his public habitat!

Isn’t he cute?

The zoo does ask all vistors to be patient, though. Moyo is exploring his new habitiat at his own pace. So him and his mother Kati Rain are never forced into the public viewing areas.

As the summer continues, the zoo hopes to have a more reliable schedule for their outside appearances.

Right now, you can just consider it a bonus if you visit the zoo and get to see baby Moyo.

CLICK HERE to follow Moyo’s progress.