Preserve your precious bottle of wine with this tip

The owners of StarView Vineyards reveal their tips

There’s a chance you might pop up open a bottle of your favorite wine this Heartland Weekend.

preserveBut if only for a glass or two, you might be wondering how to preserve the taste.

You could re-cork it, but air is a wine’s worst enemy. In fact, it’ll cause the sacred vino to spoil pretty quickly.

White wine can stay good for one to three days at the most, while reds can be drinkable for up to five days.

So we asked Starview Vineyards for some advice.

Regina Morrison says the key is to remove the oxygen from the bottle.

They use the vacu vin wine saver. The handy tool will set you back at most $12 on Amazon.

Or you could just cook with it and turn the leftovers into something delicious like boozey brownies.

Boozey Brownies: Make your boxed mix better with wine