Paranormal activity causes tour to run from Dixie Theatre

You can blame the ghost of Civil War Soldier John

The ghost of Civil War soldier John is known to give people the heebie-jeebies.

In fact, he made a tour group run right out of the Dixie Theatre in New Madrid, Missouri!

“One of the best experiences that we’ve had was at the Dixie Theater. And it was two guys and their girlfriends. The guys were getting a little mouthy. And we were backstage at the Dixie. They had one of our K2 meters and was holding it up and said ‘If anything is back here, light this up now!’ And it lit up. I mean it pegged out. Went all the way to red. Those guys threw it. They pushed me out of the way. They ran into a ladder that was hanging on a wall. Jumped off the stage of the Dixie and ran screaming out the door.” — Christina McWaters, Tour Guide & Executive Director of the New Madrid Chamber of Commerce

What soldier haunts the theater?

The soldier who haunts the theater was likely killed during the Battle of Island Number 10 during the Civil War.

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Ghost of Civil War Soldier Haunts This Southeast Missouri Theatre

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