On Tap: Ebb and Flow Fermentations opens as beer bar in Cape Girardeau

Bringing the community together one brew at a time

Delish eats, unique brews, good conversation, the three are combining inside a new beer bar in downtown Cape Girardeau.

Owner DeWayne Schaaf debuted the first phase of Ebb and Flow Fermentations to the public in early August.

On tap: 14 or so beers you don’t typically find in the area, including some German, Belgium, and English styles as well as things like Funkwerks’ raspberry provincial.

“Even if they sound a little different, they’re very drinkable,” Schaaf said.

The beer list is indicative of what Schaaf will eventually brew on site as a part of phase two.

By the fall, Schaaf will be pouring beers featuring a Norwegian strain of yeast he uses to create his own IPAs and blonde ales, as well as some exotic beers fermented with wild yeast he’s gathered from across the world.

“My goal in beer making is is to make a beer that reminds me of being 8-years-old under the peach tree in late July in wine garden,” Schaaf said. “… I want people to have flavors and aromas that are powerful and they talk about them and they remember them down the road.”

How did Ebb and Flow come to life?

Schaaf says his dream to open a beer bar was planted early on.

When he was a child, Schaaf’s father served in the military over in Germany. There was a picture captured of him enjoying a drink with friends at a pub.


That picture now hangs on the wall inside Ebb and Flow.

“I was just raised to cherish delicious food, delicious beverage and hospitality,” Schaaf said.

As a result, he hopes to create a place that functions as a conduit for conversation and community, something similar to an old English tavern.

Different from other bars, here you won’t find any TVs, free public wi-fi, or many bar stools.

But you can play a game of chess, sip on a glass of beer over a light meal.

“You can have world class beverages that most everyone can afford and you can sit and you can talk with someone else and I just love it,” Schaaf said, oozing with passion.

Schaaf hopes to begin serving his own brews in mid to late October.

With this in mind, follow Ebb and Flow Fermentations on Facebook for various events.