Meet Ruby: the “spirit” that haunts New Madrid’s Hart-Stepp House

She's a very active and playful ghost.

Step back in time to the 1800s at the Hart-Stepp House in New Madrid. and meet Ruby.

The home is the oldest in town.

Today, it hosts some of the area’s talented artists and apparently a ghost or two.

Ruby reportedly haunts the Hart-Stepp House in New Madrid.The spirits of Ruby and her grandmother Josephine are said to regularly interact with guests.

She will even play hide and seek with you!

Heartland Weekend takes you inside.

While we were there, Ruby performed a little trick for us. Watch the video to see it for yourself.

What happened to Ruby?

Ruby was just 14 years old when she passed away.

According to Christina McWaters with the New Madrid Chamber of Commerce, Ruby was in the kitchen area of the house trying to light the coal burning stove.

She had some trouble getting the stove to light, so she grabbed what she thought was coal oil.

Sadly, she’d actually grabbed a can of gasoline and her dress caught fire.

She died about two weeks after the accident.

If you are interested in experiencing the paranormal activity yourself, you’re in luck.

The New Madrid Chamber of Commerce hosts ghosts tours all through October. CLICK HERE to find out how you can sign up.

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