Make Fake Halloween Blood Look Real With This Tip

It's already in your cabinet.

The staple for any gory Halloween look is fake blood. It’s gooey, gross and honestly just fun to experiment with in costumes.

Special effects make-up artist Gregory Hewett (Gregory F/X) says that some materials and fake blood don’t mix well and can sometimes cause it to congeal in an unnatural way.

He shared one of his tips to make sure your fake blood looks as real as possible come Halloween!

If you are using a ‘syrup-based’ substance, Hewett says you should put a small amount of detergent on your finger and rub it inside the ‘wound.’

He said you can use regular dish soap like Dawn or even a smidge of liquid laundry detergent.


Gregory also did some amazing make-up demos, including a crazy scary zombie clown and a last-minute wound.

Now it’s time to take your work on the road!

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Want to make your own fake blood at home? Our friends at epicurious have a recipe just for that!

You’ll need corn syrup, water, red food coloring, blue food coloring, green food coloring and corn starch.

CLICK HERE for the recipe.