Make your commute more enjoyable: bike to work

Survey shows out of all the ways to commute, cyclists are the most satisfied.

What's better than getting in your exercise and taking in Mother Nature's fresh air all before work? Not much!
You will definitely want to leave your car behind and head to work on two wheels on Friday, May 17.
It's National Bike to Work/School Day!
The City of Cape Girardeau is celebrating a little early.
You're invited to the Osage Center on May 3 for Bike to Work and School Day.
The event begins at 6:15 a.m.
CLICK HERE for more information.
But before you hop on, you may consider these four things:

Baby Steps

Remember you’re not Lance Armstrong. You would never take on the Tour de France without working up to it. Same goes for biking to work. If you live only a mile or two away from work, you could probably manage biking to and from. But if you live several miles away, your bike ride could take up to an hour or more. So you may want to bike to work and then hitch a ride home.

Be Safe

Forget what the bullies in elementary school said. Helmets are cool. They keep you safe in the unlikely case that you get in an accident. If you plan on riding in the early morning or late at night, make sure you wear clothing that can easily be seen by drivers.

Plan Your Route

The shortest way to work might not be the safest way. When you’re mapping out how you’ll get there, look for a route that has minimal traffic. Streets that have a bike lane are even better. Ideally, a bike path would be your best bet.

Be Choosy About What You Carry

Your normal briefcase might make the ride a lot harder. We suggest leaving your laptop and notepads at the office. You may need to bring a change of clothes, and don’t forget to stay hydrated.

A recent survey shows out of all the ways to commute, cyclists reported the most satisfaction.
Not to mention, it helps Earth. If you only cycle once a week, you'll be reducing your weekly commute's environmental impact by 20 percent.