Hawktoberfoeste brats complete your game-day spread

The ruling on the field: these brats are a game-winning drive.

On gameday, at the edge of Houck Stadium, you’ll find red tents filled with some very passionate fans.

redhawks football

Let us introduce you to self-proclaimed tailgater No. 1, Rob Foeste.

You could say the Southeast Missouri State University Alumn lives for Redhawk football season.

“It’s the gathering of alumni, boosters, and student body and town and gown that come together for one central thing that makes me so happy and passionate about SEMO football.”

Brick by brick, he’s watched the Redhawks become a playoff contending team.

He enjoys telling this story about being the lone tailgater:

“After the mascot change in the early 2000s when I first started attending university, when there was at the bare minimum of support at the time, and we tailgated under the tree at the south rec and we were literally the only people tailgating out in front of the game for a series of time. And to see it go from that to what kind of level and tradition we have now, the sights and sounds that you hear at a game, on a first down you hear a hawk scream now, there’s chants of SEMO, that’s not how it was when I first started university and to see us get to bring those traditions to the forefront has been like seeing a child grow up.”

Of course, he’s quick to say no tailgate is complete without an impressive spread of food.

One of Foeste’s favorite items to serve up are his Hawktoberfoeste Brats.

“Hawktoberfoeste brats are what we like to call peak laziness and maximum sociability.”

Even better: Foeste says they require little to no work.

In fact, you can put them on the grill and leave them there while you enjoy the pre-game festivities.

Foeste thankfully shared this game-winning recipe.

Recipe for Hawtoberfoeste Brats


16 oz. can of malty beer
2 cups apple cider
2 sticks of melted butter
2-3 packages of your favorite brats
Hoagie rolls


Fire up the grill to about 350 degrees.
In a steam pan, combine the beer, cider, butter, and brats.
Put the steam pan on the grill, and bring the contents to a rolling simmer.
Let the brats cook until the sauce creates a caramelized reduction.
When you’re ready to serve, lather a hoagie roll with some of the reduction, and “slap that baby on there.”

“I promise you’ll enjoy them and in the words of legendary Mr. Food, ‘ooo it’s soo good!'”


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